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Apr 27, 2019

We sat down with Julia Stewart and had a great conversation. I've loved getting to know her and had a great time discussing her journey living with depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation since age 13. I really admire how she owns her story and struggle and has found peace in owning who she is and finding answers in openly talking about it. We discuss her ups and downs and many different things she's tried to overcome the despair she's often felt. We later talk about her experience receiving ketamine treatments and how for her has been one of the most positive experiences through all this.

I originally met Julia doing a video shoot for a company in Encinitas, CA called South Coast TMS and Ketamine. It's owned by Dr. Drew Belnap, MD who worked as an anesthesiologist for years in the hospital setting and now runs his clinic treating people suffering with anxiety, depression, suicidality and migraines through Ketamine IV infusions. 

I also received Ketamine treatments when we lived in Encinitas and had a positive experience with it. I talk about it at the of the episode and give advice on what to be aware of and how to find the safest and best place if you're considering trying Ketamine for yourself. 

Hopefully you enjoy this episode and welcome to the podcast Julia Stewart. 

Thank you for listening and as always, never hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions or experiences you'd like to share that we could discuss on future episodes. 


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