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Nov 11, 2020

I enjoyed sitting down with Chad Brown who's a practicing life coach. We talked all about men's mental health. There are so many topics within mental health and this one in particular is so important because the statistics show that men die by suicide 3 to 4 times more than women. Something is going on where men don't feel like they can open up when they're struggling.

In this episode we cover a lot on the stereotypes about male masculinity and the unproductive ways that men see themselves as people that can't ever show their vulnerabilities Chad and his partner Drew Renner have started a retreat endeavor called "Epic Man Trips". They go on a trip with a group of men which often involves mountain biking, dirt bike riding, climbing etc. They're usually staying in a cabin in a remote spot and dig into what is stopping men from being their best selves as individuals, husbands, dads, employees etc. They've reported lots of success stories from these men that feel stuck in their lives and are able to meet in a group to understand they aren't alone and talk about the tools to break out of those unhelpful ways of thinking.

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