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Aug 25, 2019

Krystal Chong is a Holistic Anxiety Specialist. We talked about so many things on this episode from dealing with anxiety on a daily basis, to holistic options to changing negative mindsets that we tell ourselves. 

Krystal was diagnosed with general anxiety at a level 9 out of 10 at the age of 14. She was told that with...

Aug 11, 2019

This episode is also available for watching on our YouTube channel!

Katt Reavis works in law enforcement and is currently stationed in the jail system in Arizona. She started a program called Protected which is in the process of becoming a Non-Profit. Protected is designed to...

Aug 1, 2019

I had a great conversation with Dani Bates. Her husband Denny died by suicide in March of this year and Dani opens up about the heartbreak that followed living life as a single mother now to two daughters.

I heard about Dani when my wife saw a video on Instagram that Dani had shared which showed her 3yr old crying in...